probably a human being

also credit to kumi for the based image above :)

if you’re reading this hi

hey!! my name’s chase, welcome to my card! I think-ultimate lover of drawing, competing in camps and ORGs! dm me if you have a competition for me to play in-geometry dash, CRK, trackmania, Forza and NT player-down to be anyone’s friend at any time-I love ferrets please send me pictures of them if you ever see this-may not respond to dms quickly I get distracted easily :(

other info!!

ok first things first!! im bi so if you have a problem with that do not talk to me 😁 also I talk a lot so if you ever want me to stop I will!! don’t be afraid to be honest with me, also I’m oblivious as hell so don’t hint things with me I’m sorry LOL

  • DNI IF: Homophobic, etc etc, someone who likes to start drama for fun, just anything problematic tbh

  • DO INTERACT IF: you want a new friend, or are interested in a hobby I’m interested in :))

  • FRIENDS AND BASED PEOPLE: rey, starry, gigi and anyone in the nonarchy gc, tap, cosmos, hannah, kumi, colton, yorf, blaze, fizz, willow, atlas, vortex, libre, nim, also literally anyone I know irl


discord: PlayerOne#9451
YouTube: Spinner
NitroType: ChaseTypes or racer/kogkplcg32
CRK: CloudyEggs // Hollyberry server